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The interestingly enough, blog

The interestingly enough, blog

Revominism. Revolution and Feminism.

I have been invited by , Mercedes Alba a “multimedia poet” as she refers to herself, to view the following video.

I am not very familiar with what Feminism is truly about, but I have read some articles regarding it and the treatment of women in a male dominant society. At first glance, the video might come off as uninteresting, but that is not the case. It was very interesting getting to see the activities of the group “elcap”, which apparently runs in Latin-america and the Caribbean, but one that has many supporters throughout the world.

The music in the beginning is used in a very appropriate matter, since the song is very poetic in a way that is new and exciting. The images accompany the music in a nice way, that make the images have a stronger presence. I liked how the images were of everyday activities that did not seem staged or acted. It was a very organic video that brought attention to this group. I personally had never heard about this group, until I saw this video. 

The problems I had with this video were minor. The lack of a proper introduction troubled me quite a bit, because the video seemed to have just abruptly started. It needed that “hook”, that would keep the theme of the video clear. There was one big issue that concerned me. After the first song ended (roughly 5 minutes into the video), the song changed into a classical song (for 20 seconds), then it changed back into another song. This was a technical flaw that shouldn’t have happened, and I recommend the author of the video to take note. I also felt that the video should have been split up into two videos, instead of just one. 

I, quite frankly did like the video, and the effects that were used. It wasn’t just another slideshow with a meaningless song, but a powerful presentation of the activities of elcap.

-John Alba

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